Spurlock Equine Associates opened it's doors in 1990. After 10 years at University Teaching Hospitals in Ohio, Massachusetts and Virginia and with 2 young children, Dr Gary and Shauna Spulrock were looking for ways to combine family life with professional passion. Now, more than 20 years later, the children have grown into wonderful young adults and Dr.s Gary and Shauna still get up each morning walk to the clinic and look forward to the challenges and rewards of equine practice.

We remain committed to providing friendly, relaxed and personalized service to you and your horse. We strive to constantly improve and expand our capabilities so we are able to provide the most up to date care. Most importantly, we stive to provide accurate, up to date information that allows you to make an informed and educated decision about your horse's care.

The clinic offers outpatient appointments for routine lameness evaluations, prepurchase examinations and other routine work ups. Hospitalization for horses requiring more in-depth diagnostics or treatments is also available. Individualized hospital care is provided for up to 8 horses at a time. Turnout paddocks are available for those that can enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.

Diagnostic capabilities include high detail digital radiographs, endoscopy for airways as well as stomachs, ultrasonography, nuclear bone scanning and an in house clinical laboratory. These diagnostic capabilites are combined with over 30 years of experience.

The surgical facilities are designed to handle everything from arthroscopy to emergency colic surgery. We invite you to call and plan a visit. Inquiries regarding availability of specific services or questions about medical or surgical situations are always welcome.

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